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Equi-Poise Testimonials

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These are a couple of texts Anja sent me after spending a couple days with me. I didn’t edit her words tho she gave me permission to use them…Thank you Anja!

“Terry I learned so much! The girls are doing great! Way more relaxed at home. Getting my right leg on and floating the heel, feeling even in seat bones, legs and hands… Amazing! I can feel when they are not using the right hind! Turning left is getting easier every ride. Galadriel cantered today and I kept my right leg like in trot, and she actually listened and was able to play with her balance!!!! So exciting!”

“Yeah!!!! Galadriel is so awesome!!!! Listening!!!  And I can for the first time in my life feel more and more even in both sides!!!!! Just jumped off Galadriel after canter to the right where she found her balance and jumped up instead of forward!!!!!! All because of YOU!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! :-) ”.  Anja Holst

Terry, Sean and Anja

“Terry Wright’s work is transformative. Before we began working with her, my horse and I were stuck on many levels. He couldn’t engage his hindquarters due to a painful back and I was at a loss as to how to manage his crabby poor performances. Now we’re both happy and improving! Terry helped me get my horse back! I love her soft classical approach.”
Laura Rowley

Laura Rowley and Gil 2012

Terry has had an incredible effect on my life, as well as the lives of my horses, Heineken and Silver. She has helped my horses and I in ways that I never thought were possible! If horses really do have windows into their souls, Terry is one of the only people I have ever met who not only chooses to look through them, but also has the gift to identify and explain what she sees to the rest of us.

I bought Heineken, a rescue horse, 5 years ago and knew I was in for a challenge with him. While we bonded instantly and I knew that I had to take him from Virginia to Florida with me, our relationship was not without obstacles.

To make a long story short, 4 years passed by and, to my dismay and the mental and physical detriment of my horse, so did several rough, unsympathetic and ineffective trainers. At this point, I had developed a very negative opinion of my riding and a collection of saddles that did not fit my horse. Heineken developed soreness throughout his back, accompanied by hollowed out posture, as well as sore shoulders and hocks. He also developed a very angry and resentful attitude and was notorious for his explosive and hostile temperament under saddle.

After seeking the advice of Steve Dick, Heineken’s incredible trimmer, I called Terry and asked her to evaluate Heineken and tell me whether or not she thought I should sell him. From that day forward, everything changed dramatically in our lives. Terry evaluated Heineken’s gait symmetry, his posture, his saddle fit and my equitation. By the end of this initial session, I was straighter, Heineken was more symmetrical and he was willingly rounding his back and pushing off of his hind end!

Terry has helped me tackle my long history of rider asymmetry by helping me develop a much greater sense of feel. I struggled with the concept of consistent contact for years and finally have developed a consistent connection with my horse!

Heineken has transformed from an unpredictable, explosive and flighty horse into a much calmer, more sensible horse, who actually takes care of me on bareback trail rides or whenever the need arises. He has also traded his chronic crankiness in for exuberance, which is always evident in his floaty trot and his playful nature. Terry addressed Heineken’s long history of saddle fit issues and helped me develop an understanding of where we were having problems and why. She also helped me select a saddle that fits him superbly. In the past year, with the help of Terry’s expertise, Heineken has probably gained about 100 pounds of beautiful top line, the condition of his coat and skin have improved, he has stopped having soreness issues in his back, shoulders and hocks and he has become the best partner a rider could ask for!

The positive changes Terry has made in our lives are too numerous to mention and this is just a taste of what we have experienced so far…. Christine Andreyka.

Christine Andreyka

Although I have only been training with Terry for a few months I can already see and feel the changes. My previous trainer had moved to North Carolina and I thought I would never find someone who I could connect with. Luckily I found Terry and scheduled a lesson. Because of having tried several different trainers I was confused and lost. After the very first lesson I was back on track and connecting with my horse again. Every lesson we learn and progress thanks to Terry’s knowledge. She has the ability to explain and demonstrate, clearly what and how to do things to make my position, feel, and connection with Vida work. We are both much happier and our work is more effective as a result.

Terry has always been professional and comes prepared for each lesson. She has ridden my horse to demonstrate certain methods and helped me with some ground work as well. Terry is an expert on not only the rider’s correct position and balance but also the horses. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn dressage or just wants to improve their riding or horse.

Lynda Adams riding Vida 12/2011

I met Terry when I went to Fulmer International in Aiken South Carolina in 1988 to spend 6 months as a student at the invitation of Robert Hall F.B.H.S.  Terry was the chief instructor at Fulmer International at that time.  Since then, my own skills and knowledge base have broadened considerably, but the simple, logical and highly effective principles that Terry helped me to explore back then continue to form the foundation of what I teach today.  In the course of my work, I get to see many trainers and the impact they have on the horses and riders they work with.  Terry Wright is one of only a handful of people that I feel able to recommend when riders ask me for the name of a good trainer. Carol Brett, BALANCE International, ENGLAND

I met Terry several years ago when I moved my horse to the barn where she was training and giving lessons in Florida. I had begun having problems in the round pen with my horse, Onyx.  I had followed what I had learned from GaWaNi Ponyboy which had brought such peace and healing to Onyx, so it was strange that she started rearing etc.  It turned out to be a hormonal issue but I still needed to overcome it.  The first time I met Terry I was in the round pen with Onyx rearing etc. and she offered to help.  All I needed was someone to stand behind me for support and that is exactly what she did.  She trusted that I knew my horse and stood there for moral support. I will never forget her presence.  Over the years Onyx and I learned so much from her.  She has a way of teaching that can reach you at a gut level so it sticks with you.  She uses analogies, visualizations and praise which reinforce the “brilliant” moments.  Onyx was always thankful when I would take lessons and she quickly learned that Terry was her friend.  Another thing that Terry did that was a huge part of Onyx’s healing journey was help us with removing Onyx’s shoes.  We started out on our own but Terry searched and found an incredible farrier named Steve Dick.  Over the next year Steve facilitated Onyx’s healing of her hooves that had been painful even in shoes, pads and gel.  (Onyx’s healing of her hooves that had been painful even in shoes, pads and gel.  (Onyx was a race horse.)  I will forever be grateful for Terry and Steve’s support and love while Onyx healed.  We now live in Arizona where Onyx walks without any discomfort at all….over rocky ground!  And every time I ride I can hear Terry’s supporting and soothing words coaching me in how to ride for Onyx’s comfort and empowerment.

Terry is any horse’s best friend.  She “speaks” to them in their own language and they know it.  If you take lessons from her or have her train your horse just watch your horse’s reaction when Terry arrives.  They will be saying “thank you!” And with that said I say thank you Terry for enriching Onyx’s and my life and for the love you show all horses. Susan Carol, Arizona

Susan riding Onyx

Susan riding Onyx

I have been participating in Terry’s clinics for 2 years and it has made a world of difference to me and my horse.  Terry does not approach the horse and rider relationship with “fix its” but rather goes into the detailed movements of self carriage and balance for the horse so they learn how to carry a rider comfortably and effectively.  I would recommend that anyone ride with her to know what is possible. Mary D. Midkiff, Kentucky

Terry Wright has been an important influence for me and my horse.  I have been in the horse industry for over 30 years, and Terry is a trainer and coach who has been able to help me help my horse make significant, permanent postural changes.  Terry has also reminded me of the power of allowing the horse time to process his new way of moving.  I am now more careful to allow him that time during training sessions.  Terry is skilled at helping both you and your horse doing groundwork or in the saddle….whatever is needed in the moment.  Her style of coaching is very affective as she gets the horse owner very involved by asking questions, rather than just telling you what to do.  You walk away owning your new awareness and understanding the mechanics behind it.  It is hard to describe in words how differently the horses walk away!  I have participated in many Equi-Poise clinics and also audited the other riders.  The horses and riders are safer as more and more physical and emotional balance is achieved each time.  Terry is very patient and puts the horse’s needs first.  I have a young, sensitive thoroughbred and it is a pleasure to watch him trust Terry.  The work is serious, but the atmosphere is very welcoming and user-friendly.  If you are serious about the commitment to helping your horse be his/her best self, I highly recommend Terry Wright and her Equi-Poise philosophy and methods. Barbara Koetsier, Kentucky/CANADA

Barb & Henry

Barb & Henry

I have been riding with Terry for about three years now.  During the last 6 months I have been fortunate to be able to work with her and my two horses about twice a month.  Terry’s style of teaching is very unique.  She is helping me tremendously in finding access to that part of my brain that allows me to ride with feel versus riding with my “thinking” brain.  She is also helping me understand what it means to truly listen to my horses and trust to use them as a reference, especially when I am in doubt.  I am always amazed at her deep knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics not only of the horse but also the rider.  The plethora of exercises she uses for the horse and /or the rider result in lasting improvements in both.  Old habits are difficult to change, but Terry is very creative and patient and always finds a way to communicate to me how to make changes by causing a shift in my awareness that leads to a positive change in what it is we are working on.  My horses truly appreciate that and her deep understanding of them! Andrea Wilsie, Jacksonville, Florida

I love working with Terry Wright.  I met her about seven or so years ago through a mutual friend – I worked with Terry occasionally, but simply wasn’t ready to receive the gifts she had to offer.  Now I’m entirely committed to working with her.  I must admit, like most I had to try a variety of trainers that would only bring minimum success to what I knew – that Dressage was an Art not a sport.

But it was after I bought my Andalusian stallion and began my process of trying to train him that I knew I needed a better plan of action.  Of course this was after numerous and disastrous attempts of working with others that continued to tell me to “geld him,” or “sell him,” or to hand over complete control of his training to them that I needed to seek alternatives to these black and white options for my majestic stud.  I continued to seek out trainers that I thought might be good matches only to find out the same thing – that I wouldn’t have much to say about his training.  My friend and FEI rider/trainer Maureen O’Donnell would help me often, but had then become stricken with cancer and could no longer help while in treatment.  I felt pretty helpless.

Thankfully, I had been in occasional contact with Terry discussing training progress and discoveries until one day it just clicked – I asked her to help me and she accepted.  WOW!  Did I get the best lesson in the world!  That day we really didn’t do much in the saddle we did a lot of ground work and boy – what an eye opener.  Slow, easy and respectful.  Look, feel, and discover how happy.  It was magic for the stallion and every other horse watching in the field.

Her incredible life-long training with horses showed on every level – the connection was remarkable and I was finally ready to become teachable.  Terry is a professional through and through.  Her years in the field and her incredible work with Robert Hall in England and America with his stallions played a huge part in her quick ability to help teach me how to get this incredible stallion truly RESPECTFUL.  She taught commitment to the goal or respectfulness through clarity and mutual understanding without force.

Today, I’m riding, feeling, staying more focused on every step my horse takes and every move I make.  Slow, correct, respectful.  I love what I’m getting on the ground and in the saddle – Like never before.  When Terry comes every horse watches the work – to see what comes next.  Terry truly brings magic to the training of horse and rider. Thank you Terry Wright. Sondra Sparapani, Elkton, Florida

Sondra riding Amistoso 10

Sondra riding Amistoso 10

I began dressage as a little girl at a local dressage barn.  As the years passed, I became disillusioned with the way horses were treated in the pursuit of a blue ribbon.  Horses forced into uncomfortable frames, felt more like bricks underneath me than light, willing, happy dance partners.  Believing there must be a better way, I explored the world of natural horsemanship, learning wonderful things about the prey animal predator psychology.  There were still times I felt alienated from my horse.  I met Carol Brett of BALANCE Saddles who showed me that my horse had serious physical issues, which were not only due to a poor fitting saddle, but also years of unbalanced movement.  She recommended Terry Wright.  The old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” rang true…I was ready!  Terry has a deep understanding of correct biomechanics and a huge heart for the horse.  Their well being is her first priority.  She does not use force to achieve her agenda.  She doesn’t have to because the horses feel so much better when they move with balance and when their voice is listened to.  They become calmer, braver, stronger and more confident with each session.  Terry’s knowledge is rooted in the classical riding school, bringing a horse along slowly and carefully.  This knowledge is rapidly disappearing from equitation, as trainers and riders take short cuts to achieve their goals.  Gaining this disappearing wisdom is one big reason to learn from Terry Wright.  Since applying the knowledge I gained from Terry, my relationship with my horse has blossomed.  I have found the dance partner of my dreams and I couldn’t have done it without Terry.  I feel blessed to have found a teacher, mentor and friend in Terry Wright.  I would recommend her a million times over and look forward to my own continuing journey as her student! Corrie Sepcich, Georgia

Corrie Sepcich and Bijou

I’ve been training with Terry for over 8 years, and the knowledge with which I have been able to obtain is equivalent to having struck gold in learning opportunity.  Terry’s influence upon the way in which I approach horses is forever changed.  Although far from ordinary, the depth of understanding of her teachings has been indispensable.  My first horse, an OTTB, clearly showed the emotional and physical damage she had suffered.  She was constantly on the edge, nervous and a ball of tension waiting to explode.  Through Terry’s insight and guidance, she is known today as one of the calmest, sweetest horses at her barn or anywhere she travels.  I always receive numerous compliments on how natural, beautiful and elegant our riding looks.  She has come so far in her training, and I know I have Terry to thank for her tremendous patience and direction with my challenging mare.

Every lesson brings you new awareness into your horse, in approaches which are creative yet logical.  What’s unique about Terry’s approach is how she doesn’t bark orders at you without explanations.  She gets the rider involved in reference to “what and why” they’re doing and feeling every single stride.  Terry forces the rider to consider how his/her body is affecting the horse, instead of giving you quick fixes which are always the (wrong) solution.  Through Terry’s teachings, you learn to start looking towards the horse for the solution to the problem.  If you want to get serious about your commitment to a happy, healthy partnership with your horse, Terry Wright is the trainer to take you there. Laura Ledford, Ormond Beach, Florida

Laura riding Violet

Laura riding Violet

I met Terry Wright in December of 2004 through Carol Brett of BALANCE International.  My horse George, age 17 at the time, had a history of chronic front-end lameness that had improved during prior years through rest, turnout, and proper hoof trimming.  I had purchased a BALANCE saddle in 2004 in the hopes of improving his soundness even more.  With this new saddle, George appeared more comfortable but his intermittent front-end lameness persisted.  When I consulted Carol Brett she explained that George’s posture and the way I was riding him were contributing to his lameness.  She went on to explain that he had the capacity to relearn how to use his body, through proper riding and handling, in a way that would encourage soundness.  Although I had taken riding lessons for most of my life including several years of dressage, I had absolutely no concept of how to help George until I began working with Terry.

One of Terry’s greatest talents as an instructor is her keen eye for detail.  She is extremely perceptive of subtle changes in the horse as well as changes in the rider’s posture and how the two are influencing each other.  Terry was able to demonstrate for me how George was capable of changing his posture and regain soundness by working with him in hand and under saddle.  She also helped me gain new awareness of my own posture and how it was affecting him.  After a few months of taking lessons with Terry, all signs of George’s lameness disappeared and his posture began to change significantly,  The rest is history.  I have taken lessons with Terry over the past 3 1/2 years and George consistently stays sound.  Additionally, thanks to Terry’s guidance, the quality of my riding has improved dramatically to a level that I never thought possible.

I highly recommend Terry as an instructor for anyone who desires to improve the quality of their riding and the quality of their horse’s biomechanics.  I have taken lessons with many instructors over the years and none even come close to providing the quality of instruction that Terry offers. Kelleen Simons, Gainesville, Florida

Kelleen riding George

Kelleen riding George

I met Terry several years ago at a BALANCE International saddle fitting clinic.  My main focus for going to this clinic was to get information about the BALANCE saddle, however I was also keeping an eye out for a potential instructor.  The only problem was that I knew what I didn’t want in an instructor, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for.  I mainly ride for pleasure these days, but I still wanted (and needed) to improve my riding position so I wanted someone with a foundation in dressage.  And what was even more important to me was improving my relationship with my horses.  I learned that Terry was an instructor, but made the erroneous assumption that Terry only taught dressage.  I feared too that she would be like the many dressage instructors I have had in my past, so unfortunately I didn’t ever contact her about a lesson.

I had the good fortune to participate in an unmounted riding clinic put together by BALANCE international earlier in the year and met up with Terry once again.  This time I got a better idea of how Terry taught and what she was like and so I decided to give her a try.  I’m so glad that I did and now wish that I’d signed on with her years earlier.  I would be so much further ahead by now.

I have found Terry to be knowledgeable, patient and a breath of fresh air as she has been able to coach me into a more harmonious riding position.  She has educated me to really feel the horse and include them in the training process.  This has inspired my horses to be happy, willing and active partners.  She has excited me about my riding again and instilled the confidence that I’d lost the last couple of years.  In addition, her teachings have affected other aspects of life.  I highly recommend her. Donna Hughes, Mt Dora, Florida

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Dressage Clinic Schedule

by Malok on Jun.16, 2009, under Dressage Clinics

** Be sure to check here regularly for upcoming Dressage Clinics being held in your area. **

Want to organize a clinic in your area? Please visit our Dressage Clinic page for a price list, and what you need to do to get Terry to come to your area.

2016 Equi-Poise Clinic Schedule

December 8th – 11th, Medina Ohio. Contact:  Michelle Lackey:  (216)337-2922.

December 4th – 7th, Simpsonville, Kentucky. Contact: Jennifer Karlin:  (502)417-5262.

November 13th – 16th, Portland Maine.

October 22nd – 26th, Simpsonville, Kentucky. Contact:  Jennifer Karlin:  (502)417-5262.

September 12th – 16th, Portland Maine.

August 17th – 21st, Medina, Ohio.

2015 Equi-Poise Clinic Schedule

December 10th – 13th, Medina, Ohio (Contact Michelle Lackey (216)337-2922).

August 6th – 9th, Medina, Ohio (Contact Michelle Lackey (216)337-2922.)

2014 Equi-Poise Clinic Schedule

April 3rd – 6th, Medina, Ohio  (Contact Michelle Lackey (216)337-2922 or email                        

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